Peer Learning Assistant

August 2023 - Present

Image of a romi equipped with a 32U4 board, our standard robot for sophomore RBE coursesI am a student assistant at WPI helping teach Sophomore-level robotics engineering classes. The first class covers mechanical actuation and design, and second covers sensor integration and control systems. Both involve general topics such as the overall design process, how robots utilize sensors such as encoders to determine state, and how to develop effective, well-formatted, and well-documented code.

To be effective as a teacher and mentor, I needed a firm grasp of concepts from mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering, as well as computer science. For mechanical engineering, concepts I helped cover involved analysis of static and dynamic systems, overall mechanical design, stress analysis, and Solidworks usage. For electrical engineering, I covered topics including interrupts, wiring and pin assignment, equipment usage (power supplies, oscilloscopes, multimeters, soldering irons), and serial bus communication. With computer engineering and science, I helped students design code that was effective and followed best-practices, including OOP and state-machine concepts; I also served as a scrum manager and sponsor for multiple project teams. Languages taught included C++ and MATLAB.

Community Advisor

August 2022 - December 2022

As a Community Advisor at WPI, I led a group of thirty first-year students through orientation and providing support throughout their first semester. This involved leading them through programming developed by WPI to introduce them to college life, as well as designing my own events and programming to ensure that they had the tools needed for success during the transition to college. These ranged from discussions of appropriate and safe conduct on campus and at parties to presentations about how to find housing for sophomore year to group dodge-ball tournaments and movie nights. I also conducted one-on-one and group check-ins to provide quick and accessible answers to any questions or issues students were experiencing.

Throughout this process, I worked with a team of fellow Community Advisors to develop large-scale events for the entire incoming class, as well as figure out areas where the overall new student experience could be improved to best support the WPI student body.

Woodshop Specialist and General Counselor

June 2019 - August 2023

Image of me in my Beaver Summer Camp uniformI spent two summers as a general counselor and two summers as a woodshop instructor at Beaver Summer Camp. As a general counselor, I worked as part of a team of three to manage 25-30 six-year-olds throughout their day. This involved safely transporting them between activities, managing conflicts, and creating fun games and events for the group. As a woodshop specialist, I worked to ensure a safe environment within the woodshop, for both campers and counselors, and helped train counselors on safe and proper usage of woodworking equipment. I also helped develop and prepare creative woodworking projects for campers across a wide range of ages and experience levels.